Nalil 30, 5676

It rains often, at least when you stop to consider it, but not usually enough to be worth mentioning. Today, however, was one of those storms when it rains hard throughout the day, and one has no choice but to continue through it. There isn’t much shelter on the savannah other than the occasional tree, and those don’t provide protection against such driving rain. We ended up slogging our way through the muck with the telefs walking slowly beside us. I thought about walking beneath Mo’Amu, but the implication of what would happen if she decided to sit down is frightening.

The rain stopped briefly tonight, but has started up again. During that brief respite, we set up camp, erecting some small shelters, and the Sisterhood operatives started a fire. Starting a fire in such wet conditions is difficult for the rest of us who don’t have their arcane powers. Rar seems to be the only one of us who doesn’t mind the rain, but I think that is the result of living in the jungle where it rains so frequently.

Pelmarco seems to be growing weary of the constant travel without much excitement. I think he longs for the glorious days when he was a young man fighting in great battles side by side with other Red Exemplars. His combat skill and experience is far beyond that of any of us, but his age limits what he can do. If he isn’t careful, he’ll end up breaking another arm, or something else. He still won’t tell me how he broke his arm last year. It must have been extremely embarrassing. I almost hope we’re soon accosted by bad guys just to give Pelmarco a chance to fight once more.