Nalil 13, 5676

I decided to name my telef Mo’Amu. I believe it is female, as are most of the others in the herd. Rar no doubt picked out the only bull when he rode the first telef. I haven’t seen any others in the herd that are quite as large as his. Riding these massive animals is quite a thrill, although we’re still learning to gain better control over their movements. Pelmarco keeps driving his telef to push over trees with her tusks. I’m unsure if this is intentional or accidental, but it certainly demonstrates their potential. The two Sisterhood operatives are no doubt trying to find ways to use their arcane powers to control the telefs, but I don’t think they’ve managed any substantial discoveries. None of the others named their telefs, or would admit it if they did.

I’ve pretty much ruled out the prophecied passage being through the jungle. It’s too thick, dangerous, and potentially deadly to consider taking any army, or even an inexperienced expedition all the way through it. You might make it to Razhinoch and back, but certainly not all the way to the coast. The four of us were fortunate we made it to Razhinoch, and I believe we only made it out because of Rar’s help. Since traveling through the jungle is not an option, I want to see about traveling around it. We’re still heading west, but I plan to travel north when we reach the western edge of the jungle to see if there’s a passage between the jungle and the wide mountain range directly west of it. Even traveling through the outskirts of the jungle is safer than traveling through the thick of it, so such a passage might be possible.

If not, we’ll travel south, and then turn east. The Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar still needs to learn of Tora’Sor’s discovery and actions, but the further west we go the longer it will take that message to reach them. Heading east through the Toram River drainage basin will let me explore that land, even if it’s been explored before, and the Sisterhood operatives can get a ship to Atalan at Torheem. It’s an extremely long journey from this far across the land, but I believe it’s faster than trying to climb the mountains west of here.