Kilil 9, 5676

As we traveled upriver, we came to a point where the river divides. We’re heading to the right, so we should exit the jungle somewhere west of where we entered. Considering how long it took us to get from the edge of the jungle to Razhinoch, I expect it will take us about two weeks to leave the jungle. It will be nice to have decent sunlight, a warm breeze, and open land without any trees. It will be quite a difference for Rar, who cannot imagine any such place.

While we were traveling along the river today, Krista’Mil opened her eyes. She still has a bad fever from the frog poison, but appears to be recovering slowly. Rar was the first person to notice she was awake. He gave her a pat on the shoulder, and said, “Don’t eat frogs.” She weakly smiled at his statement. She ended up sleeping most of the day, and never actually sat up from her bed of feathers. I’m starting to think that Rar most likely wasn’t chosen to come with us, he must have begged his father for permission. It’s obvious he’s smitten by Krista’Mil. It makes me curious if the Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar permits its operatives to become romantically involved with other people.

During the afternoon, we noticed several large shadows crashing through the forest to our left. Because of the noise they made, I have no doubt they were large beasts of some kind, but we never actually got to see one. Rar called them telefs, and claimed the large beasts were harmless until threatened. As long as we don’t make aggressive moves or surprise them, we should be fine. He thinks they are going the same way we are, and might even leave the jungle, but he couldn’t know for certain since he had never before left the jungle.