Kilil 18, 5676

Making camp outside the jungle is the nicest thing I’ve done in three months. We rowed out of the jungle around midday, and continued until close to sunset so Rar could see more of the land on his first day out of the jungle. It is fascinating to see him take in the sights, clearly amazed by things he has never seen before. There are fewer trees, rolling grasslands, hills in the distance, and it was the first time Rar saw the sun set on the horizon, not the tops of nearby trees.

Krista’Mil is recovering faster, and even helped with the rowing today, but she is weak from lack of nourishment while she was delirious with fever. Even so, Rar certainly isn’t ceasing his care for her. When we stopped for the night, he carried her to the top of the hill where we camped even though I know she could walk. She didn’t make any attempt to stop him, clearly enamored by the amount of attention he gives her.

When they were too far away to hear, I quietly asked Elendra’Tel what she thought of the situation. She wasn’t too sure what to think. Sisterhood operatives rarely marry, and those who do don’t remain Sisterhood operatives for long. If anything, it might actually benefit Krista’Mil since she never really fit in with the rest of the Sisterhood operatives. She was very adept with her powers, but she always had a quirkiness that made her stand out from the other operatives. If Rar could give her what the other operatives cannot, Elendra’Tel was not going to stop them.

I ended up bringing back two deer for supper, although it was long after sunset when I returned, and everyone but Rar was asleep. I thought they might end up not eating until morning, but the aroma of the meat I cooked for myself woke them up. They all had some of the deer to eat, but since it’s our first night out of the jungle, I expect they’ll sleep much better tonight. Rar, however, might be up all night. He seems insecure without the jungle surrounding him.