Jurthe 28, 5676

After four days in the jungle, it is obvious the horses will not survive in here. We turned them loose hoping they will find their way out of the jungle, and maybe even be fortunate enough to return to Sehol. I expect, however, something will kill and eat them within a few days. It would be nice if we could leave them in a stable somewhere, but considering the lack of civilization this far west, there is nowhere to leave them besides the unforgiving wilderness.

The Sisterhood operatives are using their abilities to burn a large tree into a boat, and then fashion some paddles. It’s an ambitious project, but the fire of their arcane powers burns wood like a hot knife through lard. I would imagine the resulting boat would be extremely heavy, but they appear confident they can make it seaworthy and capable of holding the five of us with our equipment. Tomorrow morning we will learn if they are successful, or if we need to continue walking through the jungle.

Tora’Sor appears frustrated or anxious; I’m not sure which. She keeps gazing off into the distance, even though it’s impossible to see that far through the thick jungle. It’s as if something is on her mind, but she won’t tell what it is. The other two Sisterhood operatives continue to act as they always have. Krista’Mil looks for the oddest possible snacks, although she’s refrained from actually eating any of her finds for about a month now. Elendra’Tel continues to wonder if we will find the legendary Seven Cities of Lajolaine.

Elendra’Tel’s fascination with ancient relics, and now the seven cities, actually leads to some interesting conversation. Pelmarco claims they never existed. I think they were in Sarda. Tora’Sor believes they existed, but not in Sarda, and certainly not in a jungle. Krista’Mil just says we’re all wrong. I cannot say what we will end up finding in this jungle, but it could prove interesting if it’s anything close to what Elendra’Tel wants to find.