Jurthe 20, 5676

We found a river that leads into the Razhin Jungle. A number of its streams originate in the region we just passed through, and following one of those streams is how we found the river. It’s such a simple navigating technique: follow stream, find river. When I was younger, I was surprised how many people would get lost north of Sodoo because they couldn’t find the river that flowed past the city. It was the only river in the region. Every stream led to it. One would expect even the dullest minds to realize this, but no, they’ll cross a stream, and continue in the wrong direction to the next stream, never stopping to consider where all the streams flowed to. Having to search for those people was very depressing for that reason alone.

We’re taking the horses for now. The edge of the jungle seems just a few days away, and since we’re now on fairly flat ground, it’s difficult to see the jungle over the horizon. Until we finally reach the jungle, it’s mostly open savannahs, but we are beginning to see some of the wildlife that lives in the jungle region. Colorful birds with long tail feathers caw loudly in the trees as we pass. A number of small deer hide in the brush. There are signs of larger predators, but we haven’t seen any.

Pelmarco sharpened a stick into a makeshift spear. I guess spears are just one of the many weapons the Red Exemplars mastered. Today he threw it at several random targets, and always missed. It will probably be a while before he manages to regain his old skill level. He did suggest the rest of us make spears. He claims it will be better protection than swords for us under the dark canopy of the jungle, and considering the three Sisterhood operatives don’t have swords, even a long, sharpened stick would benefit them. Tora’Sor somewhat agreed, and suggested the other two operatives fashion some spears. She decided she won’t need one.