Jurthe 10, 5676

Rather than travel straight to the Razhin Jungle, we traveled southwest to avoid the rougher terrain that’s closer to the Red Mountains north of here. This no doubt added several days to our journey, but considering the trouble it saved us when we didn’t enter the rough terrain, I think it’s a fair trade.

I am starting to wonder if we can take the horses into the jungle. Maybe it’s dangerous, or maybe it’s perfectly safe. I’ve never been into a jungle before, so I don’t know what to expect. Tora’Sor said that if the jungle is too thick for us to take the horses, we’ll just have to release them, and hope they survive on their own. It’s never nice to abandon an animal in a strange place, but sometimes there is no other choice. I hope it doesn’t come to that.

Finally, about five months after he broke his arm, Pelmarco decided to continue my swordsmanship training. I think he’s a bit out of practice after five months, and really just needs someone to spar with to get back into the habit of using a sword. I went easy on him tonight. When his Red Exemplar abilities kick back in, I expect it will be much harder for me to spar with him.

Earlier today, I asked Pelmarco where he thought the Red Exemplars were since I haven’t heard of any recent exploits of theirs. He thinks they are somewhere in Etnyben, but cannot guess where. Knowing what he does about their elitism, he admitted to being relieved when he learned the Red Exemplars were not the brigands blocking the road from Lake Icavor to Sehol. If we do happen across them, he hopes we find them using their capabilities to help people, and not stagnating alone in the wilderness or using people as underlings. Tora’Sor said the last she heard they were braving the cold south of Etnyben, although avoiding completely the ruins of Nazada. Pelmarco said that was old news. I am left wondering how these people manage to get such news halfway around the world about people no one has seen in years. I think they’re just making up rumors to sound knowledgeable.