Jurdes 18, 5676

We decided not to stay in Puv’l Ewoy any longer. The Huvudets are difficult to get along with because of our many differences, and we really should continue our exploration of the land. I also don’t think we want them to start riding the telefs. Since they can already kill telefs, Rar claims they would be a great danger if they learned to ride the beasts. We also have the problem that Pelmarco unintentionally insulted the Huvudets when he told them anyone who would help Dark was an enemy. I tend to agree with him, but we’re not trying to make enemies out here so far from civilization. I guess we now know not to leave a Red Exemplar and a Huvudet alone in a room together.

Before we left, Elendra’Tel tried asking the Huvudets if the Seven Cities of Lajolaine were somewhere nearby. They did not know what she was talking about, and guessed either she was talking about Razhinoch, or she couldn’t remember the number of towers in their mythology. They told her one tower of Day remained, but they did not know where it was.

Rar and Krista’Mil were somewhat more involved with the Huvudets than the rest of us. I guess they understand the culture, and don’t feel as awkward as the rest of us when we encounter such lifestyles. I noticed yesterday that Rar taught some of the Huvudets how to fashion spear points from stone, and attach them to the shaft. I’m not one to shy away from helping the less fortunate, but I’m not sure I would provide better weapons to someone who might not have the same allegiance as me. Until now, they’ve been using sharpened sticks with deadly effect on the greatest animals I’ve ever seen. I can only imagine what will happen now that they can have better spears. Perhaps Rar is just trying to be friendly or demonstrate our good intentions toward them.

The rest of the day was spent riding north on our telefs. Mo’Amu seemed anxious to continue, almost as if she missed me riding her yesterday. I guess it’s nice to feel wanted, even if it’s by a beast whose legs are larger than I am. I think I’m starting to grow attached to the animal too. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I enter colder lands, and have to leave her behind.