Jurdes 14, 5675

This was completely unexpected. The soldiers and two Sisterhood operatives began traveling north today. The other three Sisterhood operatives plan to continue traveling with Pelmarco and me. Now I understand why only the two operatives would volunteer to carry my previous journal entries back to Atalan. Fortunately, Tora’Sor was willing to explain why they were continuing with me.

It is no secret that others have explored Etnyben in the past. Some returned without finding any passage as mentioned in prophecy. Others simply never returned. In all these instances, at least one Sisterhood operative accompanied the expedition, although no public accounts of the travels ever mention the traveling companion. Now I know why the old crones on Perduva Coho and Perduva Urah seemed so interested in me. Both of them were apparently involved in such expeditions, although the explorers they accompanied probably escaped their company.

The purpose of such covert involvement in exploration revolves around proving the link between the longevity of the Dark Magicians and the disappearance of their operative long ago. There is no proof other than the arcane ramblings of the Dark Magician two days ago and several centuries’ worth of searching for clues. The maps Tora’Sor would not explain to me last month show the places where operatives have searched, and the places that still need searched. Tora’Sor assured me she and the other operatives will not be directing my expedition to their needs, and will merely conduct their investigation as we happen across places they need to visit.

I’ll put up with their continued involvement for now, but if I have to put up with odd behavior, like Krista’Mil eating frogs, I will do everything I can to leave them behind.