Hildes 4, 5675

We are once again heading toward Sehol. You would think the Lunari might consider saving us the effort of traveling so far when they removed us from the cave deep beneath Lake Icavor, but no, they had to leave us right back where we stepped into the lake. This, in effect, put us about five days behind schedule if we actually had a schedule. The reality of the matter is we don’t have a schedule, and just hope to reach Sehol in a timely manner.

The increased wildlife in the region as we travel further east is a very welcome change after the rugged, lifeless lands encircling the fortress of the Dark Magicians. I cannot say if that region has always been lifeless, but at least as far back as Nidiz there is mention of it being barren.

As a result of more plants and animals living in the area we are now traveling through, the Sisterhood operatives are up to some of their old antics. Just today, Tora’Sor handed me some things to carry while she collected samples of some plants growing nearby. She eventually took the items back, but I cannot help remembering the time on Perduva Coho where I had to carry all her things. I do not have a problem with helping people who need help. My problem is when it comes to a point where they are just using me for their own gain. I doubt the items they collect will ever be of benefit to Pelmarco or I or even anyone else for that matter unless they are for medicines. If I knew there was a tangible benefit, I would be much more willing to oblige their wishes.

I finally managed to land a single blow on Pelmarco while practicing my swordsmanship. Unfortunately, it was only because I tripped while lunging at him. I might have bruised his shin, but his thick, leather boots protected him from being cut by the edge of my sword. When he yelped in surprise, all three Sisterhood operatives looked up, probably expecting to find he accidentally stabbed me. Much laughter ensued when they realized what truly happened. Despite my apparent ineptitude, Pelmarco remains adamant that my skills with the sword are improving daily.