Hildes 27, 5676

It seems Rar and Krista’Mil did come looking for us in Terin only to hear that Telin spies captured and carried us away. I assume the officials of Terin hoped Rar and Krista’Mil would take the telefs and attack Telin, but their plan backfired. Rar must have some experience with the politics and ploys in such lawless lands, most likely stemming from the dealings between Razhinoch and the Huvudets, and immediately suspected something was wrong. However, they still took the telefs to Telin, and made sure to confirm their suspicions before making any rash attempts to attack the village. When they learned that Telin had no spies in Terin, Rar and Krista’Mil asked them for help rescuing us. The people of Telin refused their request, and instead began mustering their army.

Rar and Krista’Mil then left Telin, and began heading back toward Terin. When they learned both towns were planning for battle today, they camped near the area, but remained far out of sight. This morning, when both armies awoke, they were surprised to see Rar and Krista’Mil waiting with the whole herd of telefs in the middle of the battlefield.

When he spotted Pelmarco’s spear among the army of Terin, Rar stood up on his telef, lifted his spear, and began one of his songs while driving the animal toward us. The combination of the herd of telefs rushing our direction and the loud bellowing as they sang along with Rar resulted in the immediate retreat of the Terin army, leaving Pelmarco, Elendra’Tel, and I abandoned at the camp. We quickly discarded our Terin armors and weapons, gathered our belongings, and mounted our usual telefs. Rar then turned the telefs toward the Telin army. The result was the same. By midmorning, we saw no one from Terin or Telin left on the battlefield.

We continued south the rest of the day, giving wide berth to Telin. They are scared of the telefs, but we don’t want to give them a reason to try doing anything similar to what the people of Terin did to us.