Hildes 26, 5676

We are camped with the army of Terin on a small bluff overlooking a wide plain where the two villages apparently fight all their battles. It was a long, hard march today since they gave me armor, which I am not accustomed to wearing, and it is a hot summer here. Pelmarco, however, helped me along. Elendra’Tel is also with us, but they gave her lighter armor so the march was easier for her. I guess we are to be their champions in the battle tomorrow.

Elendra’Tel pleaded the case for peace with the officials, but we don’t think she had much effect. There are enemies out there who are much worse than a rival city, so she believes the two cities should put aside their differences, and work together. While the people of Terin could not remember the cause of the war, they agreed that seeking peace would dishonor their ancestors who also fought.

Tonight, camped across the wide plain, is the army of Telin. Prince Nomolo and Hudena’Sor, I sincerely hope I survive to continue my expedition and write more in my journal. However, if I should fall in tomorrow’s battle, my last wish is that one day you make an effort to find and reunite these and other villages lost and forgotten to time. They know nothing of the challenges facing the rest of the world, and need the rule of the Great King.