Hildes 25, 5676

When you’re in a strange land, what seems like a hospitable greeting can be a knife in the back. They drugged us last night, and we awoke this morning to find ourselves bound in a darkened room. Pelmarco managed to talk to one of the village officials, and learned they would kill us if we didn’t cooperate. When he asked what type of cooperation they wanted, the official told Pelmarco that we were to join them for a battle against Telin. Rather than put their threat of death to the test, Pelmarco agreed. I don’t know how he expects us to get out of this predicament, but I hope he has a plan.

Although we are no longer bound, we remain confined to the darkened room, although now with a small candle. They also returned all our equipment they took from us, which is how I am adding to my journal tonight. Elendra’Tel thinks she could use her arcane powers to escape this village and avenge their treatment of us, but Pelmarco said it would be counterproductive.

I do not know if Krista’Mil and Rar know we are captives. I hope they come looking for us, but I don’t know what they’ll do when they can’t find us. They’d also need to find us by tonight. Tomorrow the officers of Terin march us toward Telin and battle.