Hildes 20, 5675

I can now see the opposite shore of Lake Icavor, but it’s still very far away, and all I see are the tops of mountains. Unfortunately, it does not mean we are getting close to the end of the lake. Because the lake is heart-shaped, it gradually narrows toward the point. Considering I now know the lake used to be smaller before the Lunari raised the water level to punish Great King Markaris the Second, cursed forever be the name, I’m curious if it’s always been heart-shaped, or if the shape is only its current form. Even though I wonder, I am still certain Lake Icavor was always heart-shaped, since the tragic tale of Icavor and Yanna’Reh mentioned the heart-shaped lake formed by her tears.

I asked why Tora’Sor kept collecting odd plants. Her response was actually quite good. The Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar is known for their ability to make potent medicines, and some of the plants in this land are among the most useful and least collected. Some plants they will make into medicine to sell at Sehol and any other towns we visit, but the bulk of what they collect on our way to Sehol will end up shipped down the Icavor River, and hopefully be shipped overseas and delivered to the Sisterhood headquarters in Atalan.

With an unsupervised journey around the world, I cannot imagine any such cargo would make it out of this land. Tora’Sor suggested fear of retribution by Sisterhood operatives would keep even the most valuable cargo safe from thieves. She even mentioned several instances where pirates ended up delivering the cargos they pilfered from ransacked vessels, all because they feared the consequences when they found the cargo was marked with the symbol of the Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar.

Since this is technically my expedition, Tora’Sor plans to provide me with some of the proceeds from her medicine sales in Sehol. I am grateful for this. I should be able to get new shoes and new clothes, and perhaps have enough remaining to purchase any supplies I might need to replenish.