Hildes 2, 5676

As I suspected from what I saw on the map in the shrine of Zhethou, we were able to find a way around the north of the mountains, and ended up in a valley between two ranges. We can follow this valley south to the Toram River basin, completely bypassing the realm of the Huvudets, and then head east back to Sehol or even to the eastern shore. There is a wide river in this valley too, and the telefs seem to enjoy walking in it. I think we spent most of the afternoon riding upriver while they walked shoulder-deep in the water.

From what I recall of the map, there are no marker stones in this valley, so I doubt it was ever a major thoroughfare. However, I did notice markings depicting several towns or villages, so I know it was at least one time inhabited. If these towns or villages remain, however, is up for debate. The map depicts the land from long before the white plague and the population loss that resulted. If Zhethou can watch our expedition from where the Lunari rest on the other side of the world, I should have asked if she could see other people living in these remote places. Pelmarco thinks any towns or villages we happen across would probably be just as out of touch with the world as Sehol was during the time of Nidiz. If we find any, I hope they are welcoming and not overly distrusting of outsiders.

I overheard Elendra’Tel ask Krista’Mil how she knew about Lajolaine when no one else did. It’s been eleven days since we found Zhethou’s map, so I think it’s been bothering Elendra’Tel ever since. Krista’Mil explained she was born and raised in that land. She grew up somewhere north of the ruined Barbidon cities, and visited the ruins of one of them. She said the coast is a haven for pirates so most merchant ships avoid the land completely. With her explaination, it’s easy to understand how the world would forget the place existed. Rar asked about the jungles of Lajolaine, but Krista’Mil just said his jungle was more interesting. I think we’re all silently agreed she won’t be a Sisterhood operative for too much longer. If Rar is to be king of the Razhin Jungle as Zhethou said, Krista’Mil will be his queen.