Hildes 12, 5675

I believe we are about halfway to the end of Lake Icavor, although that is pretty much just a random guess based on how long we’ve been traveling. I still cannot see the opposite shore. Tonight I brought back four rabbits for supper, and just in time too. When I returned to the camp, Krista’Mil was also returning to the camp with a snake struggling to escape the clutches of her hand. I expect the snake was to be her meal tonight if I didn’t return first with the rabbits. Tora’Sor made her release the snake since she didn’t need to eat it and it wasn’t poisonous and worth studying. I’m glad someone around here has a slight sense of decency.

In addition to the rabbits, I found some interesting berries. They are the same large size and round shape as the violet horttets that grow in Bagda, Tanarad, and probably most other northern lands, but these were amber colored. I ate several while out hunting, and greatly enjoyed the sweet juices. The flavor, however, is very different. Horttets are tart, and these are sweet. Sometimes I wish I had a guide to teach me the local flora and fauna since much of what we encounter is different, sometimes very much so.

There will be no swordsmanship training for me tonight, and probably not for the next few months. I’m not sure what Pelmarco did while I was out hunting, and he certainly isn’t in much of a talking mood, but his arm is broken as a result. Fortunately, the Sisterhood operatives tied on a splint and gave him something to dull the pain.

Someday I will need to ask Elendra’Tel about that medicine she keeps with her. It works very well, almost as fast as she administers it. Considering its usefulness, it might be a good idea for me to learn what it’s made from, if possible, and be able to keep some for myself in case I ever end up leaving the Sisterhood operatives behind, something I’ve considered several times already. However, they want to go my way, and I’m not one to drive away company. I do not expect I will try to leave them behind anytime soon.