Falil 3, 5677

We decided to have some fun with our return to Sehol, and painted up the telefs as if for war. With Rar in the lead wearing his jeket skin, and Pelmarco behind him with the red cloth on his spear, we carefully directed the telefs along the main road of the city. I think half the inhabitants were afraid to leave their homes as the telefs passed, while the other half came out and watched in awe. When we reached the plaza at the center of the city, we circled the telefs, and dismounted. A few local soldiers weren’t sure how to treat us, but soon realized we weren’t trying to conquer the place.

Since we’re only passing through, we just wanted to do a few things before leaving. Pelmarco hurried to the market and bought a sword for Rar. He’s been practicing with mine, so it’s time for him to have his own sword. The Sisterhood operatives went off on their own errands. I think they were looking for a few medicines. I stayed with Rar and the telefs. The people of Sehol were very curious once they knew the telefs weren’t going to hurt them. I told quite a few stories of the things we’ve seen in the year since we last passed through Sehol. I learned that the sword of Gulith the Barbidon we placed in the museum was still there, but at least three robbery attempts have taken place since then.

We didn’t stay in the city too long. The telefs would not be able to keep from knocking down buildings for more than the few hours we were there. Even still, at least one large tree in the city plaza was knocked down, and most of the leaves eaten before we left. Prince Nomolo, you might get a bill for that one since I overheard an infuriated officer state that it was a special tree planted by the fifth Great King Yolo just over a century ago.

Tonight we’re staying outside the city. Pelmarco is cooking something he picked up while at the market. It smells good, and I expect it will taste very nice.