Falil 23, 5677

We’re now about halfway between Sehol and Forada, which is extremely fast for traveling such a long distance. I attribute this to our moving in a mostly straight line between the two cities, but mostly because we have the telefs. They might not be able to move quite as fast as a horse, but they can travel much greater distances without resting.

Krista’Mil thinks she now has one of the poisonous fish. It’s a small thing, no longer than my forearm, but covered with spines. Krista’Mil believes the spines are the poisonous part. I sincerely hope it’s not the type of fish that likes to sit motionless on the bottom of the river. I can just imagine someone wading in the river and stepping on the fish. The strange part was Krista’Mil didn’t catch the fish while fishing. She woke up this morning, and found it dead beside her. It’s as if the fish was placed there by someone, except none of us did it, or at least admit to doing it.

Perhaps Rar caught the fish, and left it as a gift for Krista’Mil. I do know he spent part of the night snatching birds from their nests. He spent the day plucking the birds as we rode along the river. He’s storing the feathers in a small sack, and plans to use them later. Tonight we ate the birds, which smelled and tasted very delicious after being cooked.

Because of the heat I’ve been through in the past few years as I’ve traveled back and forth near the equator, I’m beginning to look forward to turning south when I reach Forada. I’ll head to Torheem, and visit the nearby Torham’s Point, a place mentioned in the ancient legends of Great King Turos the Mighty. I don’t think there’s anything special to see there, but being able to say I’ve been there is enough. As it is, I’ve already been more places than most people in the world, and have enough stories to last a long time. The places I’ve been, the things I’ve seen, the people I’ve met, and the actions I’ve performed will be talked about for years to come. I hope the people who’ve accompanied me on this expedition also receive their share of the fame.