Falil 14, 5676

The Razhin Jungle is not a very welcoming place, and certainly not a place I would choose to explore had I known about it before entering. The sun never reaches through the thick jungle canopy to the river, so all we get is the rain that drips down. I also have never seen so much variety in the types of plants and animals living in a single place.

Most of the plants are safe, but when we saw a large plant digesting a deer caught in its pincers, we learned there were some plants to avoid at all costs. To make it worse, the deer was still alive. I was merciful and put an arrow through its heart when it blinked at me. Pelmarco had a slightly different opinion about the plant. He was wondering if the pincers could puncture through armor, or if armor could keep someone alive in here. Tora’Sor suggested he experiment to find out, but he declined.

We do need to be careful for small plants that live close to the ground. Some of them grow into traps that snap shut around the ankle. They won’t cut through my boots, but they certainly leave a bruise, and can cause a person to trip if they’re moving fast enough. I found one of the trap plants by accident today, and fortunately did not fall into a patch of the plants. The Sisterhood operatives are now going to burn away any plants on the forest floor each time we go to shore.

One of our best discoveries of the day was an ancient stone pillar, obviously a monument erected thousands of years before. The only legible writing we could find on the pillar appeared to name the jungle, but seemed to be missing some letters at the end. Perhaps the jungle got its current name because whoever named it found this pillar and couldn’t read the full name. We’ll probably never know, and it’s doubtful the pillar will last another thousand years. The lichens and moss covering the pillar destroy the rock, so it will probably disintegrate over time. Elendra’Tel claims we must be getting near to the Seven Cities of Lajolaine. Tora’Sor said it just means we aren’t the first people to travel this route.