Falil 13, 5677

The road from Sehol to Forada follows the winding Icavor River, and is more for people who need to dock their barges along the river than for travelers. However, telefs provide us with the ability to do what most people cannot do: travel in a straight line through the forests. The telefs enjoy pushing their way through the trees, even if these trees are tougher than those in the jungle are. We just need to ensure we avoid crossing farms and ruining people’s hard-worked land. The telefs are also able to walk in the river, and enjoy the cool water. We’re now heading almost due east, but I’m not sure how long it will take us to reach Forada. Perhaps we’ll arrive in two or three months.

Rar is very utilitarian with his possessions, often using them for things unintended. One such item is the sword Pelmarco bought him in Sehol. Pelmarco reprimanded him earlier today for trying to chop wood with the sword. If he’s not careful, using a sword for such a purpose is more likely to break the sword than cut through wood. It takes something much heavier, like an axe to chop wood. People even frown upon using a sword to hack through thick vegetation since it dulls the blade, but that purpose is much more in line with the sword’s purpose---hack and slash. I think Pelmarco will alter his training of Rar to focus more on the finesse of using the sword, rather than just trying to bloody the enemy.

I think Krista’Mil heard a rumor of a poisonous fish living in the Icavor River. She doesn’t know what it looks like, but anytime we’re camped by the river, she spends some time fishing. She said she wants to see if she can finally manage to extract successfully a poison from an animal. I don’t think it’s such a useful idea, if even possible. Any time I’ve seen poison work, it’s because the animal bit the person with its poison fangs or the person ate an animal with poisonous flesh. Krista’Mil claims there’s a tree in her homeland with a poisonous sap that can be put on weapons, but she wants to try getting a poison from an animal. I’m not sure if I wish her success or not.