Dolthe 3, 5676

The library at Sehol is impressive. While nothing will ever match the grandiosity of the library at Atalan, this one contains quite a collection of ancient manuscripts. The library was our destination today for two reasons. First, to determine the authenticity of the supposed sword of Gulith the Barbidon, and second, to peruse any maps of Etnyben the library might house. Since everyone else was so intrigued by the sword, I let them work on that task while I searched through the maps.

There were some interesting places on some of the maps that I might consider visiting sometime during my journey. The problem is the maps might be outdated, so some places might have been destroyed since the maps were made. They also aren’t very accurate, so there’s no way to know for certain where things are located. Unfortunately, our stay at the library was shorter than I intended.

The library has a large mural on one wall of Gulith the Barbidon gazing defiantly at the cliffs before him. Elendra’Tel managed to find a marking on the rusty sword that matched a marking in the mural. Pelmarco pointed out that all the other Barbidons in the background of the mural had the same marking on their swords, but Elendra’Tel would not listen, and remained adamant that we had the sword of Gulith. Because of the excitement of the discovery, a large crowd gathered, and the library was very noisy. The librarian soon asked us to leave.

So what should we do with this ancient Barbidon sword? Elendra’Tel wanted to take it to Atalan, but Tora’Sor would not let her leave. Pelmarco suggests we throw it back, rather than invite the same type of misfortune that killed its former owner. I remember the words of one of the soldiers while on Perduva Ben, when he said returning the sword to the Barbidons would improve their involvement in the war against the Dark Magicians. Shipping such a valuable artifact is not an option, so I believe the next best thing is to leave it here in a museum. Word will eventually travel throughout the world of this find, and I hope that will be enough to bring Barbidon support once more into this conflict.