Dolthe 26, 5676

Riding horses certainly speeds up our travel. We are probably directly south of the source of the Icavor River, which means we’re traveling almost twice as fast as we did on the way to Sehol. The Icavor Mountains are close, probably forty nura to our northwest, which means we are on course to travel south of them. A small ridge we will cross divides the Icavor River basin from the Toram River basin, which flows further south. I believe the two rivers are the longest in the world, since most of Etnyben, with the major exception of the river draining through the Razhin Jungle, drains through those two rivers.

I killed my first etaga tonight. There’s no way we can eat it all, and without a way to preserve the meat, we’ll only take with us what we can preserve by the fire tonight. Some large beast, perhaps a wolf or cat, will no doubt scavenge the rest. Fortunately, I haven’t yet seen any such beasts, but we’ve found signs of them in the area. I just hope nothing decides to attack us while we’re trying to sleep.

Pelmarco’s broken arm seems to be healing nicely. He isn’t ready to wield a sword in battle, but he did swing it around today to strengthen his arm. In another month or so, he might start giving me swordsmanship training again. I think he’s having a hard time admitting he’s too old to do many of the things he did when he was a young Red Exemplar. He claims he used to be able to jump onto a horse with ease. Now it takes him a little more effort to climb onto the horse. I hope that he doesn’t end up hurting himself by trying too hard to be the spry soldier he used to be.

Krista’Mil was eating something as we traveled today. I decided it was best if I didn’t ask what it was since it certainly didn’t appear to be appetizing or even an actual food. Tora’Sor noticed my look of disapproval, and just rolled her eyes. I think she feels the same way about the things Krista’Mil will eat, but doesn’t want to say anything that might upset Krista’Mil. It’s times like this that I seriously consider leaving them behind some night, and continuing my exploration by myself.