Dolthe 18, 5677

Battle! Well, not really. I think only two arrows and a spear came flying in our direction, and none of our enemies had the skill to use those successfully against a telef. At the sight of us advancing toward their compound with Rar singing about trampling our foes, two of the men in the compound fled, along with a woman who was apparently inside the house yesterday. The telefs easily pushed through the wall. We captured the third man. No one else was around.

We took the man prisoner, which is a new concept for Rar. He says they never take prisoners in the jungle since it means an extra mouth to feed. Pelmarco questioned the man, and learned he was the ringleader of the group. Anytime they saw a small, poorly guarded convoy traveling through the area, they killed the travelers, and took the goods. The man we found earlier this week was one such victim transporting a load of cloth from Sehol to Kaluna. It’s a valuable cargo, but they hadn’t yet managed to find a smuggler to put it back on the market for them. Unfortunately, people in Kaluna never know when to expect someone to arrive from Sehol, so no one will be looking for the man. Our prisoner only regrets they didn’t leave the body hidden farther from the road.

We took the prisoner back to our camp, and left Pelmarco at the compound. The people who fled returned as soon as they saw the telefs leave. We went back later and captured them. This leaves us with a bit of a predicament. We have a wounded Sisterhood operative and four prisoners. Elendra’Tel is in no condition to travel, although she should be good enough in a few days, and we aren’t sure what to do with the prisoners. Do we tie them to the tusks of a telef and take them with us, making sure to keep them well fed? Do we leave them to die, perhaps baked by the hot sun or fed to an anthill? We have no authority to perform executions, except perhaps Pelmarco as a Red Exemplar. Taking them with us would require us to provide them with food, water, and other necessary care. We can’t just release them, or they might go back to their criminal activities. I told Pelmarco he will need to choose what we do with them. He’ll decide sometime tomorrow.