Ardes 4, 5676

Our southward trek progresses rapidly. By the end of the month, I expect to be crossing into the Toram River drainage basin. Today, however, we still have quite a way to go before we reach that point in our journey. We saw another village today, but rather than risk a repeat of anything like what happened in Terin and Telin, we decided to avoid stopping. I guess we really would look like great warriors to people in this region, especially with the armaments of Pelmarco and Rar and the massive telefs we ride. The nice thing is the telefs no longer startle and retreat if Pelmarco jumps out and shouts at them. I guess they might eventually make worthy war beasts.

We camped tonight beside a small lake. Our primary reason for choosing this spot over any others was the partial wall of a ruined stone structure on a small nearby peninsula. Elendra’Tel wanted to visit it, but we didn’t want the telefs to get too close to any ruins and ruin them further. As usual, Rar stayed with the telefs, while the rest of us visited what was left of the ancient structure. The only thing of interest was some carved graffiti, mostly consisting of the names of couples and romantic messages. Krista’Mil guessed newlywed couples from the village we passed earlier probably visit the ruins. I wonder if tonight Rar and Krista’Mil will sneak out to the ruins and leave their own sappy carvings. Perhaps I’ll suggest it.

I’m not sure what kind of animal we’re eating tonight, but it’s white, with green and brown markings on its back. I saw it poking its head out of a burrow, waited for it to fully emerge, and then shot an arrow through its shoulder. Times like tonight make me wish that I had poisoned arrows like the ones we tried before reaching Perduva. When I have to chase a wounded animal quite a long distance before it dies, I really wish I had a faster way to kill them.