Ardes 18, 5675

The Icavor River, strangely enough, is not salty despite flowing from a salt lake. Jelen explained that beneath the salt at this end of Lake Icavor is an extremely thick growth of blue algae that clogs the area where the lake empties into the river. Since the algae have the effect of removing salt from the water, all the water that passes through to the river is free of salt. We reached this point today, and drank deeply the fresh water of the river.

Although plant and animal life steadily increased the further east we traveled, there is a noticeable increase when one reaches the Icavor River. Trees are finally tall enough to climb, assuming one has the desire to do so. There is enough wildlife that hunting food will not be difficult. Coupled with a noticeable lack of human civilization this far into the wilderness, it also means the forests are thick and weedy so travel might be slow. There is, however, what appears to be another segment of the road we followed two months ago into the lake. The road is overgrown, but we might be able to travel along it.

Instead of traveling along the remnants of the road, Jelen has other plans. Each year, around this time, a small barge comes upriver from Sehol to pick up the salt shipment. Jelen hopes to ride the barge to Sehol instead of taking the road. I asked him if the road was passable, but he avoided the question and would only say the road was clear for armies, not small groups of people.

Pelmarco believes Jelen knows of a band of brigands blocking the road since that is the only real reason why an army might pass while others cannot. Making sure Jelen could not overhear, Pelmarco suggested the five of us leave Jelen to the barge, and travel along the road. He is confident we could overcome any adversary we encounter. Taking the road would be slower than the river, but I would learn much more about the wildlife of Etnyben. I will need to consult Tora’Sor on this matter. She always seems more cautious and levelheaded when it comes to these types of decisions.