Ardes 1, 5675

I guess we have about three weeks left before we reach the Icavor River. From one perspective, that means we are that much closer to reaching Sehol. However, when I look back over the time it took to come this far, it is almost a year since I departed Atalan. Much has happened since then, both to us along the way, and to the people I left behind. The difference is I will not learn of all that happened to the people I left behind until I complete my quest to explore this great land, and return home.

The strange part about it now being the twelfth month of the year is the temperature is still extremely hot, which is not something I have ever experienced before. Last winter was the coldest for me, and this is the hottest. Of course, we’re not too far from the equator right now, probably no more than two hundred nura south of it. Pelmarco claims the seasons are reversed south of the equator, so the time of year when the north has winter ends up being summer down here in the south.

I wonder how far Captain Hegherg, Ervah, and the other sailors and soldiers are on their return voyage to Atalan. With a good wind, I’d expect they’re at least to Perduva by now. They should end up sailing west along the coast of Etnyben this time, instead of over the top of the world, although that comes with additional risks as they pass by the Razhin Jungle. At this rate, it will probably be sometime in the middle of next year that Prince Nomolo and Hudena’Sor receive the journal entries I sent with Sila’Kon. I expect they will find they contain interesting information about this land, even though I recorded so little in comparison with how much of Etnyben remains unexplored.

We expect a bit of rain tonight. Just to be safe, we found the highest ground we could, and constructed a small shelter. It is hot and crowded, but we should remain dry and safe from any flash floods or rising lake waters.