Solil 16, 5680

There are seven of us, and we have seven soldiers escorting us to New Atalan. We’re under the impression they don’t consider us to be much of a threat or they’d have assigned more soldiers for our escort. I think this miscalculation is based on their civilization becoming isolated long before the Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar was founded, leaving the people of Saval with no idea of what our two Sisterhood operatives are capable of doing to them. Tora’Sor mentioned this quietly to me, and said they would hold off on any demonstrations of their powers until we stand before the rulers, and even then only if necessary.

The region through which we’re traveling is quite cultured for a place this remote. It seems as if it closely mimics the refinement of Atalan and the cities of Tanarad, and to the people living here, this is the center of their civilization and world. Beyond their borders are the untamed wilds, forbidden lands long lost and forgotten. While discussing the outside world with one of our escorts, he couldn’t comprehend why anyone would want to leave Saval.

Kellon finds this place exciting. He believes the Council of Adaptive Writing and Publishing could benefit greatly by increasing its reach to this land. The only question is how. The journey from the coastal cities on the eastern shore is long and dangerous. There are no roads this far into the land, and to build one with such length would be the greatest endeavor in a thousand years. He’s certain of one thing. The distance from here to the western coast is only a few hundred nura at most. Building a road from the coast through the passage to this land might be twice as long, but possibly within the capabilities of the Council of Adaptive Writing and Publishing. When he returns to the organization, he plans to propose the project to his superiors.

As for me, I just want to finish this expedition, provide my report to the Great King, and return to my home in Bagda. Dawn will go with me.