Solil 15, 5680

Despite the many wonders I’ve encountered over the past six years of my expedition, I am very surprised by what we discovered today. We entered a city this morning, populated not only by men, but also by Barbidons and the talking dogs called Canari. The name of the city is Lathojowich, no doubt coming from the Barbidon influence on the place. Since the inhabitants are unaccustomed to strange visitors from the south, soldiers quickly surrounded us. They took us before their local leaders for questioning.

As it turns out, Lathojowich is not the only city in this region. We learned of many such cities farther north, all united into a single kingdom born from the survivors of the white plague millennia ago. Cut off from the rest of the world and frightened by historic legends of the white plague, the Kingdom of Saval has prospered in its isolation. Strict laws forbid its citizens from venturing beyond the borders of the realm. Visitors from beyond are unheard of in this place. We are the first to arrive in the entire history of the kingdom.

Because our presence is unprecedented in Saval, the locals are treating us kindly. They replaced our worn clothing. The food they gave us was filling. The accommodations they are providing tonight are quite exquisite after spending such a long time in the wilderness. They will take us north to the capital city, New Atalan, where their prefects will decide how to react to our presence and the outside news we bring. This will take us at least until the end of the month, but is still in the direction we planned to travel regardless.

Tora’Sor was sure to ask about the body we found tied to the tree two days ago. The locals explained the man was a convicted murderer, and the tree was merely the place where they enforce their punishments. They weren’t too pleased to learn we’d buried the body. They apparently feel the lack of burial makes the punishment worse.