Solil 13, 5680

Hibimage says the land here is probably the most unexplored land in the world. With several mountain ranges between here and the rest of the land, very few people would have ventured this far. With this in mind, we wonder in surprise that we discovered the southern end of a well-maintained road. Even stranger was the body we found tied to a tree at the end of the road, with several arrows sticking from the decayed flesh. An assortment of bones were scattered on the ground at the base of the tree. It appears to be a place of execution.

Despite the grotesquery of the scene, we took down the corpse and buried it. We are now camped a short distance away while we decide how we plan to continue through an unexplored land that apparently is habitated. Dawn is of no help in this situation since she never traveled this far west from the last mountain range. Kellon and Hibimage both think we should avoid following the road, and attempt traveling around the entire region. Boktoseethet thinks he can single-handedly defeat anything that comes up against us, but the rest of us don’t want to test his bravery in such a foolhardy manner.

The two Sisterhood operatives and I think we should follow the road north. We do not know where it leads or who awaits us at the other end, but the Lunari who see all things would protect us for the fulfillment of prophecy. Of course, the suggestion of such reliance on the Lunari stirred up more discussion. Hibimage and Boktoseethet would rather not trust a being they’ve never seen. Kellon saw the Lunari at Razhinoch, and was frightened enough he doesn’t want to meet them again. Dawn is indifferent to the presence or absence of the Lunari. The other three of us would welcome another chance to glimpse one of the powerful beings.

Ultimately, I am the leader of this expedition, so the decision rests with me. Tomorrow, when we follow the road north, I can only guess what we might find.