Soldes 26, 5680

Tora’Sor calls her hammerhead goat Jeny’Ula. It seems to follow us happily as long as we give it time to graze when we come across large lichen patches. Being able to watch the goat provides intriguing insights into its oral anatomy. Instead of teeth like any other animal, these goats need to be able to eat the lichens directly off the rocks. The seemingly lipless lower mandible ends up having several tusk-like scrapers that the goat runs over the surface of the rocks. These scrape the lichens off the rock, which the upper lip then pulls into the mouth for chewing. Because the scrapers wear down while grinding against the rocks, I expect they keep growing rapidly throughout the goat’s lifetime.

We are traveling west along a valley. No doubt, the small stream we’re following empties somewhere into the ocean, but there’s no telling how long it will take us to follow its meandering path through these mountains. Looking back, I can see why no explorers from the west would consider our path to be the passage from prophecy. The ridge behind us appears to be a dead end from here, so it was only by traveling over that anyone would learn otherwise. If anyone ever did travel this far up the valley, they’d never consider climbing over the shallow ridge. I know there are cities along the coast, but might there be villages along some of the wider valleys in these mountains? Considering how frequently we’ve encountered people in remote, forgotten, unpopulated lands, I’d say there’s a good chance of finding people almost anywhere.

Dawn managed to catch some kind of small eel from the nearby stream. They grow plentiful, but actually catching one is difficult. If you actually do manage to get your hands on one, the slime lets them get away more times than not. Dawn countered this by tying thorns to the fingers on one of her hands. Actually grabbing one is still difficult since they swim so fast, but when she does grab one, it can’t escape. It’s also hard not to prick yourself. We tried cooking several of the eels tonight. It seems they first have to be boiled to cook out the slime, but once that’s finished, roasting is fine. We didn’t find them too tasty, but Hungry certainly likes them.