Soldes 19, 5680

When rain falls, the greatest factors in determining where it flows are the terrain features restricting its path to certain places. The river we’ve been following through the passage ends somewhere around here. As soon as we pass over a narrow ridge, we will descend into another drainage basin. This by no means suggests we are not traveling through the proper passage. Rather, the ridge we must cross is merely a demarcation line between two sections of the passage. The ridge itself is low, and appears easy to cross.

Tora’Sor captured one of the hammerhead goats, and did something with her arcane power to force it to follow us without any coaxing. Niahla’Sen said the Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar could revoke her membership for this forceful use of the arcane powers, but Tora’Sor argued that the goat would be food for us to eat another day so there’s nothing unethical about forcing the goat to remain with us until then. We also have the added benefit of goat milk since it’s female. I know Hungry doesn’t mind us having the goat; the horns sticking out to either side make a great perch. My only concern is that having one of the region’s most common meat sources with us might attract dragons.

One of the strange difficulties we’ve encountered in these mountains is the sun. The problem is not the temperature, which is quite decent at these higher elevations despite being near the equator. The problem is the increased likelihood of sunburn. Hibimage and Boktoseethet aren’t too affected since they’ve lived near the equator for several decades, but the rest of us have to stay covered or in the shade during the day to keep from being burned. I think it has something to do with the mountain heights putting us closer to the sun. I can’t imagine just how much worse it must be on the peaks of the mountains. I found it interesting to learn Dawn’s gray skin takes on a lighter pinkish hue when it burns.