Ranthe 7, 5681

It always seems we find towns in places we least expect to find them. Today we came to Ar Mukon, although Dawn’s scouting gave us warning of its existence. The townsfolk are very surprised to find travelers who came through the mountains, but they’re still hospitable and friendly. I also learned two things while enjoying the evening in the tavern.

First, we’re less than a month away from the coast, with a rough trail connecting this town to another small town called Ar Eleron at the mouth of the river.

The other interesting thing I learned involved the local lore. As recently as two hundred years ago, giants did roam this mountainous region. The last two giants, two brothers named Ob’Bo and Ug’Gu, built a large castle, and named themselves the kings of the mountains. This was fine until they attempted to impose fees and other obligations on the people of Ar Mukon. The wrongly subjugated townsfolk soon rebelled.

Initially, most of the conflict was shortlived and uncoordinated, but then a young warlord named Jurikon showed up. He organized the men of the town into a small army, and led an assault of the giants’ castle up the valley. Ug’Gu was away at the time, but Jurikon managed to kill Ob’Bo. They took control of the castle, and held a great feast in the hall. As they celebrated the victory throughout the night, Ug’Gu returned. Upon discovering the bloodied body of his fallen brother, Ug’Gu roared out curses upon the killers. In anger, Ug’Gu pushed down the walls of the castle, crushing everyone inside. The few who barely escaped told tales of the giant departing upriver with the body of his brother, and muttering about finding peace in the desert. So what happened to Jurikon? It’s hard to say, and it changes with who you ask. Some say Jurikon died when the palace collapsed. Others say a mob lynched him a year later when the town blamed him for the massacre of their men. Regardless, all tales of Jurikon end no more than a year later.

The fate of Ug’Gu remains unknown, but mothers in Ar Mukon still tell their children they can hear the enraged roars of Ug’Gu echoing through the valley on stormy nights.