Ranthe 27, 5681

Tora’Sor saw a pirate playing an instrument sometime in the past two days. Now she’s playing several of their tunes on her pipe. Some of their songs are quite amusing, especially one called Queen of the Sea, which they claimed is about an actual woman who still maintains command of the seas. I’m actually willing to use three sheets of parchment to record this song, although that is more a result of Kellon’s unwavering insistence that I record this song than a personal desire to do so. He claims mine will be the official version, which will give him the opportunity one day to write a book containing the regional variations. It almost leaves me curious if he’ll ever manage to write all the books he hopes to write.

The Captain took his daughter to sea,
Since a girl she would not be.
She ordered the crew,
And she drank their brew,
And called herself Queen of the Sea.

“I’m Queen of the Sea,” she giggled with glee,
As she sat on her father’s knee.
“I’ll pillage and plunder,
And leave men in wonder,
With chaos I bring to the sea.”

“I’ll die the day when you do as you say,
”Her father growled in dismay.
He bent her near,
And spanked her rear,
And then sent her howling away.

The Captain’s daughter learned to behave,
Time swept by with the waves.
But as enemies tattle,
They soon had a battle.
The Captain sunk down to his grave.

The poor little girl, her life was awhirl,
Her manners began to unfurl.
She slowly stepped forward,
And picked up his sword,
And hefted it up with a twirl.

A girl no more, she screamed in her scorn,
Rushing to even the score.
“I’m Queen of the Sea,
You all obey me.”
She left the deck covered in gore.

The Queen of the Sea had a ship and a crew,
Who followed her hither and to.
They sped over waves,
The Queen and her knaves,
Carousing with flagons of brew.

“I’m Queen of the Sea,” she giggled in glee,
While drinking a vinous tea.
“I pillage and plunder,
And leave men in wonder,
With chaos I bring to the sea.”

The First Mate had plans; he wanted to play,
And went to his Queen with a sway.
He bent her near,
And pinched her rear;
But she sent him howling away.

“But woman you are, though Queen you be,”
The First Mate uttered his plea.
“Please make me your King,
I have a gold ring.
Oh, please, will you marry me!”

Her eyes filled with spite, riled and rank,
“You’re going to pay for this prank.
Now, everyone cheer,
I won’t shed a tear,
You’re going to step off the plank!”

“I only regret you’ve no lace on your gown,”
The First Mate said with a frown.
Her sword in the air,
She swatted his rear,
And pushed him howling to drown.

She would not bereave; she was not naïve,
She had far too much to achieve.
“Prevail the Sail!
Let all men avail.
We’d better find merchants to cleave!”

Queen of the Sea, with a ship and a crew,
Who followed her hither and to,
They sailed the waves,
The Queen and her knaves,
Drinking their savory brew.

“I’m Queen of the Sea, a tempest who’s free,
A storm that makes everyone flee.
I’ll order the crew,
And I’ll drink their brew.
No man will ever tame me.”

So batten the hatches when breezes are warm,
And ready your ship to conform.
The Queen of the Sea,
Is the tempest you flee.
You’re going to weather her storm.