Ranthe 19, 5681

Captain Kiiyu is a resourceful man. It seems he visits a different town in this region each year to commission a new crew, which is why he was in Ar Mukon. However, he never releases his old crewmembers. Instead, each new crew gets their own ship, effectively allowing Captain Kiiyu to build up a fleet without the pirate Overlord knowing. Captain Kiiyu had planned to eventually invade and attack the Overlord, but he claims our arrival presented him with a better opportunity.

At the very least, Kellon will have some interesting tales to write about. He says very few people meet pirates and survive, so everyone wants to know more about them. I truly expect Kellon will embellish any tales he tells of pirates. In reality, these folks are just like anyone else. They have families in Ar Mukon, and desire success for their loved ones. The only reason they engage in piracy and comply with the demands of the Overlord is they fear incurring his wrath. Apparently, a region far to the south tried to refuse the Overlord’s demands over half a century ago, and a large flotilla of ships arrived to pillage and plunder the land ahead of a black cloud. Nothing grows there anymore, and people living here don’t want that type of problem. If Captain Kiiyu can get the Great King involved in the overthrow of the pirate Overlord, it will mean freedom for people throughout the seas, not just those living in this region.

Boktoseethet seems to fit in with practically anyone we meet. The young man is always eager to learn new things, which in this case involves methods of fighting at sea. Unlike standard swords with straight blades, these pirates carry swords with curved blades. Using one of those swords requires different techniques, as does defending against that type of sword, so Boktoseethet is learning some of those differences. Alkaar said if any soldier from Saval tried fighting one of these pirates, the pirate would probably win just because the soldiers don’t know those differences.