Ranthe 18, 5681

Bad weather always seems to turn up when it’s least expected. The clouds we’ve seen during the past week turned out to be precursors to a major storm that struck last night and lasted until late this morning with an intensity greater than any storm I’ve ever experienced. We are fortunate we survived.

It turns out those folks following us are pirates. However, they don’t fit the stereotype, which is why we weren’t very certain when we noticed them following us. Fortunately, they harbor no ill intent toward us. In fact, they provided us with shelter during the storm.

We first met them while attempting to construct a shelter when the winds began blowing strong enough to make travel dangerous. After making almost no progress, two of the pirates approached us, and said we’d never survive the storm without their help. They also said the arcane powers of the Sisterhood operatives would be unable to keep us safe for long, so it was evident they’ve had some exposure to the Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar at a previous time. We gave in, and joined them at their encampment.

Unlike us, the pirates were not trying to make shelters from tents. Rather, they were chopping down large trees, and using them to build a sort of protective framework over an area large enough to contain everyone in the group. They then stretched tent canvas across the inside of the structure to keep out the wind and rain. It wasn’t a very tall structure, but there was no way falling trees or flying debris would harm anyone inside.

While we waited out the storm, we learned more about the pirates. It seems every pirate in the world is subservient to an Overlord in a far away land, and is required to send tribute at certain intervals. Some pirates obtain this tribute with crimes on the high seas, but others try to remain honest in the way they obtain the tribute. Kiiyu, the pirate captain requiring tribute from this territory is such a man. Their tribute is due every third year, but when we passed through Ar Mukon, he saw an opportunity. He is willing to take us to Atalan if we can guarantee a pardon from the Great King and a commission as governor of this region. Tora’Sor said we’d take the offer, but couldn’t guarantee anything.