Ranthe 10, 5680

Boktoseethet is an adequate hunter with the bow. I assume he learned from his father, who no doubt was a good hunter earlier in his life. One needs to know how to hunt food when engaged in such a lengthy expedition as ours. Most of the time I end up taking the responsibility of obtaining the meat for our meals, but Kellon now has enough skill with the bow to take on the responsibility at times. Dawn is also skilled at obtaining food in the wild, and I’m sure Niahla’Sen and Tora’Sor could use their arcane powers to the same effect. Tonight, however, Boktoseethet volunteered and proved himself a worthy hunter by bringing back plenty of meat for us all.

As we travel, Hibimage and Niahla’Sen talk much about her mother and the things Hibimage did after she was gone. I only listen if something sounds interesting to me, which isn’t too often. Since we’re technically backtracking along the way we came, it’s an easy journey each day as we go from campsite to campsite. I’ve been walking with Dawn in front of everyone. Tora’Sor and Kellon usually stay behind us. Hibimage and Niahla’Sen are in the back of the group. Boktoseethet rarely stays with the group, and seems to run off by himself, but not far enough to get lost.

We chanced upon an interesting lizard today. The stubby creature, about as long as my arm, puffed up and hissed as we approached. Hibimage called it a heela monster, and said they are the largest lizard in the region. He said they puff up and hiss as a defense mechanism since they don’t move very fast. He’s heard that they’re poisonous, but didn’t know of anyone actually being bitten by one of the lizards. Considering how slow the beast moved, I think it’s just a hoax.

Dawn was curious why Hibimage said the heela monster was the largest lizard in the region when there are also dragons. Kellon explained that educated people who study such things don’t consider dragons to be lizards. Lizards and dragons are too different, but could easy be subgroups of a greater classification group that included turtles, snakes, and other scaled creatures.