Ranthe 1, 5680

We left Habbar today, and began our trek south, a fitting start to the New Year. Joining us are Hibimage, Boktoseethet, and five others. Shariyak, Mecaynee, and Zehi plan to tell the world of Habbar’s location, and try enticing people to move into the region, thereby increasing the population. Teesto and his wife Borina’Lam are joining us on a more official mission, and plan to reaffirm the allegiance of Habbar to the Great King since they’d assumed there was no such surviving authority after the white plague ravaged the land thousands of years ago. It’s quite an expansion of our group, but I don’t anticipate it will slow us down too much.

I asked Tora’Sor if her opinion of me changed much since we first met. She’s been with us seven months after we rescued her from three years of captivity, and she traveled with me for over a year before that. She said her opinion of me has steadily improved, especially after our daring rescue. She was especially impressed to hear of our daring journey to Nazada, and expressed a desire to see for herself the frozen ruins. Niahla’Sen is less forthcoming about her opinion of me. She said it should be evident without her needing to tell me. I know she’s grateful we stayed with her in the search for her father instead of leaving her to search by herself. Dawn and Kellon both said their opinion of me hadn’t changed much from what I already knew.

The past year was difficult for all of us. We traveled immeasurable distances, passing remote towns and ancient ruins. We lost members of the expedition, and gained new ones. Strange beasts, dangerous weather, and vicious vegetation accosted us repeatedly. We dealt with the political and cultural differences between the people we met. We witnessed the deaths of two Lunari. It’s been a year filled with new experiences, many involving hardships of some kind. The experiences along my travels throughout Etnyben, many beyond belief or expectation, continue to impress even me. I can only wonder what this next year holds in store for us.