Pelthe 23, 5680

As we continue farther and farther from Habbar, Boktoseethet is only beginning to comprehend just how massive the world truly is. Sure, he’s heard stories from his father, but stories never prepare one for the real thing. Knowing the distance we’ve traveled in the past three months and the distance we’ve yet to cover, Boktoseethet is beginning to wonder just how long this journey will take. He’s curious about my journey, and has me wondering just how far we’ve really traveled in the past five years. There’s no doubt we’ve traveled thousands of nura, and perhaps more than ten thousand nura as we’ve gone back and forth across this land. That would be the equivalent of circling the world and then some. If someone ever draws an accurate map of this land, plotting my journey and measuring the distance would be interesting.

Kellon asked Tora’Sor if she could play the national anthem of Vernon on her pipe. She declined, saying she dare not play something so grand and represent her homeland without much practice beforehand. This talk of home made me wonder what land Niahla’Sen calls home. When asked, she said she spent most of her life in Tanarad. Even though she was born in this land, her mother eventually made it to Tanarad after several years, where she took the girl to the Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar for training. They stayed in Tanarad until Niahla’Sen’s training was complete. Her mother then moved to Perduva while Niahla’Sen took on assignments for the Sisterhood. Kellon too considers Tanarad his homeland. Dawn said she doesn’t consider herself to have a homeland. According to her, it’s not where you live, it’s who you’re with.

We crossed the main river in this valley. We’d need to do it eventually to travel west, so we decided we might as well do it now. Tora’Sor asked why we didn’t have her and Niahla’Sen make boats like we used the first time we traveled through the Razhin Jungle. I reminded her that the trees here just aren’t as large as the ones in the jungle, so they wouldn’t make an adequate boat. We actually used a raft this time.