Pelthe 2, 5681

The Kiremo Desert is one of the most extensive land regions in the world. I also believe it to be the least explored. After all, who could possibly enter the desert and survive more than a few days? I don’t think it ever rains, nor does anyone believe there might be lakes and rivers in the midst of the desert. We had our first view of the Kiremo Desert late today after sailing past the mountains that separate it from the rest of Etnyben. It isn’t much to see, consisting mostly of rugged, lifeless rocks and sand as far as the eye can see.

From this point on, Captain Kiiyu claims we won’t have the same types of seabirds we’ve been eating lately. I guess this is because the land does not have the flora that grows along coast south of here. Any seabirds we encounter will probably be types that only go to land to nest, and survive only on fish and seawater, if that’s even possible. Fortunately, Hungry is always willing to eat fish, so there won’t be any starvation among us.

From this point until we reach Atalan, our greatest challenge will be rationing our freshwater supplies. We anticipate it will take about two and a half months to reach the shores of Tanarad where freshwater is available. If we run out before we reach Tanarad, we’d need to sail into a storm in the hope of catching rain to drink. I don’t think many of us are keen on this idea.

Speaking of storms, I asked Tora’Sor why she and Niahla’Sen were unable to use their arcane powers to make more than momentary breezes in the sails. She answered that anything more would require them to create an actual weather phenomenon, such as a cloud or a storm. These, however, are usually beyond the capabilities of most Sisterhood operatives, with the last operative able to make storms dying over two centuries ago. I suggested they work together to try making a storm, but Tora’Sor frowned at the idea. Niahla’Sen just held her hand out toward me, and used her arcane abilities to spray me with water from her hand. I guess our freshwater fears were unjustified. I just need to carry a bucket the next time I annoy the Sisterhood operatives.