Pelthe 17, 5681

When you’ve seen one patch of desert, you’ve seen them all. There seems to be absolutely no difference here from what I saw of the Kiremo Desert two weeks ago. The sand is the same. The rocks are the same. Even the sunlight and lack of flora remains the same. Of course, I’m not sure if I expected anything different. It’s a desert, and deserts are dry, and desolate, and generally lacking anything of interest.

Still, we did see something different today. In addition to the sand, rock, and sameness, we came across a portion of the coast littered with old, weathered shipwrecks. I think most people would leave them alone and set a course that takes the ship farther from the shore, but when you sail with pirates, the potential to find treasure means going ashore.

I counted no less than fifteen wrecked ships. There might be more, but I can’t count what’s buried where I can’t see it beneath the sand. The difficulty is determining if the ships all wrecked at the same time, or if it’s just something that happens over the years. We couldn’t find any distinguishing features, but Kellon said they might be the remains of Great King Jupolomed’s fleet that disappeared enroute to Etnyben in 5342. I like to think these are remains from the battle to defeat the Dark Lunari Kathorg over two thousand years ago, but I doubt anything from that battle would survive this long. Captain Kiiyu believes someone purposely wrecked the ships here. He said they’re in too small an area to be a fleet wrecked by a storm.

Unfortunately, a day of searching yielded no treasures other than a few rusted weapons, two teacups, and a scrap of parchment scrawled with an unintelligible message in a language I have never seen. I guess others found these wrecks before us, and picked out all the valuables long ago.