Nalil 3, 5680

Guard Exemplars must be extremely busy soldiers. After Morlo left us in Pagovich, he apparently traveled west to several towns, and then northeast to meet us again. He was waiting for us when we arrived at Osmeena, another Canari dominant city. He said he contacted several other Guard Exemplars to inform them of Zhethou’s orders. They all agree that giving the rank to that many soldiers at one time would be detrimental, so they’re planning an emergency council in three months to develop a solution to comply with Zhethou’s order. Morlo will continue north with us to spread the word, while others are traveling south.

While in Osmeena, we spent part of the evening at what is apparently a gathering place for the Canari. Their culture, while primitive and doglike on the outside, swarms with detailed complexity when examined. Treated as valued guests, the Canari entertained us with various performances and recitations of their lore. I doubt any of us have experienced anything like it even if any of us did have previous exposure to the Canari race.

It is very interesting that the Canari consider Dawn’s artistic style quite stimulating with its abstract qualities. They discussed her drawings at length, and convinced her to paint several images for them to keep and study. I confess I went to bed long before their discussions ended, but it’s evident they desire to study Huvudets in general after meeting Dawn. I’m not sure how they would manage that while their laws restrict them from leaving the kingdom.

Alkaar gave Boktoseethet a day free from training. The boy was very gracious after some of the tedious exercises he’s been doing over the past week. Personally, I think it was so Alkaar would be free to join Hibimage at a local tavern. The two men were out late last night, so I don’t know when they returned to our inn. Boktoseethet didn’t join them at the tavern. He slept instead.