Nalil 29, 5680

By traveling straight north from Juranda, we have now reached the final range of mountains between the sea and us. They are taller than the previous four ranges we’ve passed, but are not tall enough to come close to comparing with the massive Red Mountains just west of Lake Icavor. We will follow this range of mountains until we find a break in the ridgeline, which should be the passage we seek.

The terrain in this area is rather dry and rocky. It’s almost a desert, but unlike the impassable sands of the Kiremo Desert far to our north, there are still many plants growing here. The annoying part is almost all of the plants are thorny. Finding food in this place might be difficult, although Alkaar pointed out one type of plant common to the area that he said are cultivated for food in Saval. Dawn’s falcon also brought back a rodent, but it wasn’t large enough to feed us all. Perhaps tomorrow it will bring back several rodents. I hope we can find a species of deer that lives in this region, or we’ll have to go hungry until we reach hospitable lands once more.

Speaking of hunger, Dawn told us today she named her falcon Hungry. I’m not sure if it’s because the bird rarely brings back anything for us to eat or if it’s because it often eats the things it does catch. Either way, the name certainly fits. I think she needs to figure out how to train it to bring us more food. Perhaps that will happen over time as the bird adjusts to its new owner.

Alkaar and Boktoseethet spend the evenings practicing their swordsmanship. The boy is learning quickly. Even though they only use tree branches at this point in the training, Boktoseethet is very motivated to try beating Alkaar since the older soldier swings hard. Alkaar was the recipient of an earful from Tora’Sor the other night after Boktoseethet needed Niahla’Sen to sew shut a cut on his head. As far as she’s concerned, not even Pelmarco was that ruthless when he was training me to use a sword. I commented that Pelmarco was so ruthless in his training that he broke his own arm when he didn’t even have an opponent. Tora’Sor just frowned. I doubt she’ll ever tell me the real reason for Pelmarco’s broken arm.