Nalil 28, 5679

Hills are now visible on the horizon, so we should reach the Mountains in another week or two. We come across a large hole in the ground today, but Dawn urged us not to explore it. She said the holes are the homes of the giant bats, and entering the hole will incite them to attack. She also said to avoid shouting or making extremely loud noises. I guess she knows from experience. I might have glimpsed a giant bat last night, but I’m not entirely sure. It was somewhat rainy, so while I thought I saw a brief silhouette, I might be mistaken. Afterall, why would a bat fly in the rain? Tonight, however, we’ll definitely keep a watch for the monsters.

We somehow found a marker stone in this land, so I think there was once civilization this far west in the land. However, I don’t recall seeing anything marked this far west on Zhethou’s map, but then I spent more time looking at the eastern sections of the map. Also, the stone didn’t have any markings carved on it. It makes me wonder where the nearest city was in relation to this marker stone. I think it’s most likely the nearest city was somewhere south from here, and if we wanted to take the time, we’d go exploring that area.

Kellon’s capability with the bow is improving, although rather slowly. He hit a large target today, but needs to work on consistently hitting smaller targets. I’ll probably end up taking him hunting with me to give him some experience stalking the prey. However, that might wait until we’re out of the grasslands. Kellon doesn’t like doing things that might get him very dirty like crawling through grass. Niahla’Sen teases him about this, but if her teasing agitates him, he doesn’t show it.