Nalil 18, 5679

I was right about the giant birds herding the deer, but I should have given more thought to the possible reasons. What we didn’t realize was the direction we traveled was the same direction the birds were herding the deer. That is why the birds didn’t approach us yesterday. We figured it out midmorning today, when Tora’Sor suddenly noticed the heads of several birds poking out of the grass. Because of their size, the birds should tower over the grass, so we decided to investigate.

We discovered the birds were sitting in a wide depression, with several younger birds in the area. Deer bones littered the floor of the depression, and at least one of the young birds was tearing meat off a piece of animal. Dawn immediately demanded we kill the birds, but the rest of us didn’t think there was any immediate danger. We were wrong.

With the urging of their parents, the young birds attacked us. I think they considered us prey just like the small deer that must inadvertently wander into the nest. We easily fought them off and killed the parents, but not until after they made several loud shrieks. To our dismay, the loud shrieks repeated and echoed throughout the area, and we noticed the heads of more birds stick up above the grass. It was not a solitary nest, but a nesting colony. The uproar caused by our presence left the colony in disarray, with giant birds attacking from all directions.

Escaping the birds was difficult, but we managed. Niahla’Sen and Tora’Sor used their arcane powers to frighten the birds, and we killed the few that continued their attacks as we fled. We’re now a safe distance away, and as expected, we’re eating bird tonight. We just need to be more vigilant of the plants and animals around us, and be cautious not to ignore any signs warning of danger. We’re no longer in the Razhin Jungle, but today’s encounter with the giant birds reminds us that dangers still abound in many of the places we go.