Nalil 17, 5679

I believe we are halfway across this grassland, but without a map and an accurate method to determine my position, I can’t do more than guess. It’s too bad I never managed to figure out the navigation system of the Barbidons that Captain Hegherg attempted to teach me. Unfortunately, I also don’t have access to the charts and documents he had that forecast the positions of the sun and moons up to a year in advance. Perhaps I should have coaxed a Barbidon to join my expedition.

The small deer that live in the grass are dangerous. If they stampede at night, we’d be trampled. Our best defense right now is to build a fire, although finding wood in this land is impossible so we end up burning sod instead. During the day, however, the deer tend to avoid us. In order to hunt these animals, I need to crawl through the grass. I still can’t get too close since the deer probably consider me as much a threat as any other large predator, but I can get close enough to use my bow. I don’t expect Kellon will ever go hunting out here in the grasslands since it’s hard to get him to do things that would leave him dirty. The two Sisterhood operatives don’t have any problems though, since their powers can kill a deer from practically any distance.

We saw a large number of the giant birds today, but they didn’t approach us. Most of them were to the southwest, but some of them flew in other directions. One interesting thing we noticed was they sometimes swooped down without attacking anything. It’s as if they’re herding the deer the same direction we’re walking. Dawn couldn’t remember any similar behavior the last time she passed through this land, but then she was also further north from what I’ve managed to figure out.