Kilil 8, 5679

Etagas are one of the greatest threats to travelers in this region. As we made our way past a large herd today, lightning from a distant storm caused the herd to stampede in our direction. What I was not expecting was the protection of Tora’Sor’s arcane powers. While the rest of us prepared to face the inevitable trampling, Tora’Sor knelt down, and stretched out her hands in front of her. What appeared to be an unseen wedge forced the herd to split around us, keeping us safe from the sharp, heavy hooves.

The storm was upon us a short while later and we then had to seek shelter from the pouring rain. Shelter is difficult to find on the savannah, so we were thoroughly soaked by the time we found a safe place to sit out the storm. It wasn’t a lengthy storm, but the rain was hard enough that we spent the rest of the day drying our supplies. Sometimes a good rest like this is beneficial, and helps us maintain our readiness to continue on the expedition.

Niahla’Sen is not recovered enough to use her powers to protect us from stampeding etagas, but she did manage to start our fire tonight. It seems the recovery process is easier this time since she’s already been through it once before. I know she didn’t suffer from the shock of losing her powers as before, and knowing what to expect would make it an easier recovery. I’m sure Tora’Sor had many questions about what Niahla’Sen did, but I don’t think she’d ask them while the rest of us are nearby. They’ve had plenty of time alone, however, so it’s very possible they’ve discussed a number of things the rest of us cannot understand.

Dawn managed to catch several birds for us to eat tonight. Kellon mumbled that he’d rather a good home-cooked meal, so Dawn pointed out the direction to Aguna, the nearest civilized place that’s about a month’s journey away from here. Kellon just shook his head, and accepted the roasted bird. He had his chance to head back with the two Red Exemplars, and didn’t take it. Now he’ll be eating whatever we manage to catch each day since I doubt we’ll find any more civilized places until we reach the end of our journey.