Kilil 3, 5679

Dawn wondered if we should travel west to find the Huvudets and inform them of the ambush she witnessed while in the jungle. Tora’Sor said it was a nice idea, but would have an effect opposite our intent. Instead of encouraging the Huvudets to engage in peace talks with Razhinoch, it would incite them to violence against us and anyone else they encounter. Perhaps someday we can return with an army strong enough to keep the peace while forcing both sides to reach an amicable agreement. Considering the way the Huvudets treated us when we passed through their territory, I have to agree with Tora’Sor. It’s best not to be outsiders in the land of another race that’s aggravated with our own kind.

We passed a herd of telefs today. Niahla’Sen asked if any were the ones we rode, but I didn’t recognize any of them. Since there must be thousands of these massive beasts living in the world, I don’t think it likely we’ll chance upon the same telefs again. Tora’Sor and Kellon, never seeing telefs before, were quite impressed to learn we’d ridden some of the beasts. I decided it probably wasn’t a good idea to try riding telefs today. I don’t know how Rar managed to get on Gair for the first time, and considering how long it took Gair to grow accustomed to having a rider, I don’t think I want to risk injury. However, once Gair resigned to having Rar as a rider, the rest of the telefs in the group did the same. I think if we want to ride without risking injury, we’ll need to find one of the original telefs we rode.

Without the Red Exemplars providing us with food, Kellon is once again attempting to learn how to use a bow. Right now, he’s still having trouble hitting a stationary target. Once he manages that, I’ll see about taking him hunting. Fortunately, he’s learned to make his own arrows to practice with, although he doesn’t have any points for them yet.