Kilil 23, 5680

Pagovich is a city with more Barbidons than anyone of the other two races. As a result, Barbidons run more businesses than just taverns. Barbidons also designed most of the architecture in the city, so many buildings appear quite large to those of us who are of normal size. Fortunately, a few drinks at a tavern combined with Barbidon hospitality puts a person at ease quite rapidly.

Morlo bid us farewell shortly after we reached the city. He has business to attend to, and wasn’t sure if he’d be able to continue north with us tomorrow, so today might be the last time we see him. If he does conclude his business, he plans to continue with us at least to the northern border of the kingdom. I think he’s meeting with another Guard Exemplar tonight, but he didn’t say for certain.

Before he left, Dawn gave Morlo a painting of him standing victorious over the corpse of what appeared to be one of the enemy soldiers we encountered in the underground land the last time we visited Razhinoch. The painting is quite vivid, but Dawn’s artistic style bears little resemblance to reality, leaving it difficult for anyone to understand fully. Morlo never saw the soldiers living in the underground land governed by the Dark Lunari, nor is it likely the underground soldiers will invade his land. Morlo accepted the painting, but it bears little meaning to him since he doesn’t know what it signifies.

Alkaar ensured we had a good time at a tavern tonight. Between the exquisite Barbidon concoctions and Boktoseethet dancing on a table, I believe it was enjoyable for us all. I mentioned what Rar did the first time he entered a tavern, and several locals suggested he should visit their city. Personally, I’m not sure these folks really understand what they’re requesting. Bringing Rar to a tavern resulted in some very wild events, and while it did great things for his popularity, had the chance of seriously injuring other people. If our paths ever cross again, I don’t think a tavern would be at the top of my list of places to take him.