Kilil 18, 5679

We noticed a pack of jekets following us from a distance over the past few days, but I think they gave up stalking us. They only attack during the day if their prey is unaware of their presence. They do not attack at night, since their primary means of attack involves jumping from their hiding place from the direction of the sun. Since most animals face away from the brightness of the sun, they would be unaware of the attack until it’s too late. We’re very aware of the jekets, and keep a close watch on them, so the jekets kept their distance, and finally disappeared in search of easier prey.

Tora’Sor entertained us today with a story of her time underground. Many of those people, regardless of how twisted their thinking, live just as people on the surface with similar cares, priorities, and families. While among them, Tora’Sor became acquainted with several children. Having never seen the sun or sky, Tora’Sor’s tales of the bright light and the blue expanse she called sky intrigued the children. One of the children finally concluded Tora’Sor came from a cave with a blue ceiling that had a giant gemstone in it. She then tried explaining to the children the difference between night and day. This concept was equally difficult since the light remains constant in their land. The children concluded something must be wrong with the place Tora’Sor came from.

This evening, Tora’Sor and Niahla’Sen attempted some minor experiments with the essence of their arcane powers. First, Niahla’Sen had to teach Tora’Sor how to separate the substance. She mentioned one of the earliest members of the Sisterhood of Jadela’Mar, a woman named Kinto’Thaz, tried something similar, but no one was able to duplicate the power, at least until now. Second, Niahla’Sen and Tora’Sor had to be careful while performing their experiments. Niahla’Sen’s powers are still weakened after Razhinoch, and they don’t want to hurt her improvement since then. I don’t know if they determined anything worthwhile tonight. If they did, I doubt they’d tell me.