Kilil 12, 5680

Alkaar is quite hard on Boktoseethet so I’m not sure if he’s actually training the boy or just taking advantage of the situation. He tasks Boktoseethet with all the menial labor we need to do around our nightly camps. The boy also has to carry a greater share of the load while we travel each day. Hibimage seems all right with it, so I won’t press the matter.

Alkaar did give some swordsmanship practice to the Boktoseethet, but only with sticks so no one gets hurt. I tried some sparring with Alkaar too, and he complimented me on the skills taught to me by Pelmarco. Our tales of the Red Exemplars interest him. From his point of view based on the millennia of his civilization being isolated from the rest of the world, the Red Exemplars never survived beyond the last battle at Nazada. There is a similar unit in this land, but Alkaar said they would never compare to the Red Exemplars as mentioned in the ancient tales. They hold the title of Guard Exemplar, with new members added to their ranks from among the best soldiers throughout the land every fifteen years. With the authority of the prefects, they are the first defense against any threat to the kingdom, not that the kingdom has any threats. Alkaar thinks we might be able to meet one tomorrow when we reach Banogoth, one of the cities we’ll pass through on our journey north.

Tonight, however, we’re camped along the side of the road with a small stream flowing nearby. It was a quiet evening until one of the Sisterhood operatives forgot to conceal her arcane powers, and ignited the campfire with a wave of her hand. The demonstration of her powers made Alkaar panic, and he would have fled had we not intervened. He now understands their purpose and the reason we’ve concealed their abilities thus far. He seems sincere in his acceptance of this new revelation, but Tora’Sor told me privately that his real reaction might take a few days to manifest. She and Niahla’Sen will need to take extra care to avoid such demonstrations of their arcane powers to the unsuspecting people in this land.